ULEZ charge

If you drive a mid 2016 or older diesel van into London's ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) you will have to pay the daily ULEZ charge of £12.50. Plus the Congestion Charge of £11.50 per day. It makes the £24 daily charge too expensive over a longer period.

Parking in some central London areas is 50% more for these older diesels, with Westminster charging £7.35 per hour, compared to £4.90 per hour for newer diesels.

This can add up. If you travel with an older diesel van for say, 2 days per week and pay for 2 hours parking, that's £57.80 per week extra. Over 50 weeks that's £2890 more. 

If you can manage with a smaller van and do less than 50 miles per day (as most people do in London) then the Renault Kangoo ZE all electric is a realistic option. In fact, it will save the owner money. Here's how:

- The Kangoo ZE electric at £15,865 + VAT, is £3890 more than it's diesel equivalent, at a discounted price

- Add £0 road tax to the 50 week saving example, above. £2890 + £260 road tax cost for a diesel van = £3150.

- Fuel Saving. 50 miles per day should cost around £7.50 in diesel. The cost of electric for 50 miles should be about £1.80. Thats £5.70 per day fuel saving multiply by 5 days per week, multiply by 50 weeks per year. That's another £1425 saving.

Total saving of £4575 in a year. Versus extra up front cost of the electric van, £3890. In just 10 months the owner gets back the extra up front cost and then starts saving money!

In the urban environment this van makes complete sense. If you need a little more space the larger, all electric Nissan eNV200 provides comparable savings.

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