About Us

Why the name "True Van"? We want to be true to your needs; we want you to have the right vehicle that will help you the most in your business and at the lowest possible price.

We also want you to feel good about this significant purchase, that you have been "taken care of". This is essential for us. We're passionate about vans and passionate about giving our customers a good experience.

Each week we shop for the best deals and usually have very attractive offers. Quite often we are offered new vehicles at special discounts that are not widely publicised. It's worth checking with us as you may be surprised what is available.

As the government has set a target to have all new vans and cars to be zero emission by 2040, we are actively pursuing manufacturers for details of new electric models. We are also pressing manufacturers to be involved in pre production model assessment; how practical are they going to be from a user perspective? We are passionate about vans and want to keep you as best informed as possible, when deciding upon a vehicle purchase.

If you're concerned about buying from us then why not give us a call? Share with us your concerns. We can have a chat about it and share a few things that will specifically answer you concerns about buying online.

Above all we want you to feel happy about your purchase from us. Call 0115 850 0426

Find out more about new, forthcoming electric vehicle technology and related vehicle information on our YouTube channel here